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Privacy Policy

Active Screening recognizes its need to maintain the confidentiality of Personal Identity Information (PII). The PII covered by this policy may come from various sources including, but not limited to, employees, clients, applicants, vendors and any PII maintained in its systems. The scope of this policy is intended to be comprehensive, without disclosing technical details that could be used by those with malicious intent and includes requirements for the security and protection of PII information accessed by Active Screening and its vendors. Departments named in this policy have responsibility for implementing procedural guidance to ensure that their departmental responsibilities under this policy are communicated and enforced. Personally identifiable information is information which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, such as their name, social security number, biometric records, etc. alone, or when combined with other personal or identifying information which is linked or linkable to a specific individual, such as date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc. including, but not limited to;
  • Social Security Numbers.
  • Taxpayer Identification Numbers.
  • Employer Identification Numbers.
  • Drivers license numbers.
  • Date(s) of birth.
Vendors: Individual(s) or companies that have been approved by Active Screening as a recipient of PII, from which Active Screening has received certification of their data protection practices in conformance with the requirements of this policy. No PII information can be transmitted to any vendor in any method unless the vendor has been pre-certified for the receipt of such information. PII Retention: Active Screening understands the importance of minimizing the amount of PII data it maintains and will retain such PII only as long as necessary. A joint task force comprising members of the Accounting, IT, Compliance, Operations and Human Resources departments maintain organizational record retention procedures, which dictate the length of data retention and data destruction methods for both hard copy and electronic records. PII Training: All new employees who may have access to PII are provided with introductory training regarding the provisions of this policy, a copy of this policy and implementing procedures for the department to which they are assigned.  Employees in positions with regular ongoing access to PII or those transferred into such positions are provided with training reinforcing this policy for the maintenance of PII and shall receive annual training regarding the security and protection of PII and company proprietary data. PII Audit(s): Active Screening conducts audits of PII information maintained by the company in conjunction with fiscal year closing activities to ensure that this policy remains strictly enforced and to ascertain the necessity for the continued retention of PII information. Where the need no longer exists, PII information will be destroyed in accordance with regulations for destruction of such records and logs maintained for the dates of destruction. Accounting, IT, Compliance, Operations and Human Resources departments under direct supervision of executive management conduct these audits. Data Breaches/Notification: Databases or data sets that include PII may be breached through authorized or unauthorized access. Upon becoming aware of a data breach, the Compliance department will notify all affected individuals whose PII data may have been compromised, and the notice will be accompanied by a description of action being taken to reconcile any damage as a result of the breach. The Compliance department will handle breach notifications(s) to all governmental agencies to who such notice must be provided in accordance with requirements specified under these laws. Notices to affected individuals will be communicated by Operations after consultation with the Compliance department as specified under the appropriate law(s). Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act,  The Privacy Act of 1974,  Fair Credit Reporting Act Data Access: Active Screening maintains multiple IT systems where PII data may reside; thus, user access to such IT systems is the responsibility of the IT department. The IT department has created internal controls for such systems to establish legitimate access for users of data, and access shall be limited to those approved by IT. Any change in vendor status or the termination of an employee or independent contractor with access will immediately result in the termination of the user’s access to all systems with access to PII. Data Transmission and Transportation 1. Company Premises Access to PII: The Accounting, Human Resources and IT departments have defined responsibilities for on-site access of data that may include access to PII; IT has the responsibility to verify data access requirements for all electronic records. Operations, Accounting and Human Resources have the operational responsibility for designating initial access and termination of access for individual users within their departments and providing timely notice of all changes to IT. 2. Vendors: Active Screening may share data with vendors who have a business need to access PII. Where such inter-company sharing of data is required, the IT department is responsible for creating and maintaining data encryption and protection standards to safeguard all PII that resides in the databases with vendor access. Operations has responsibility to notify IT of any changes to vendor status with the company. Active Screening does not permit employees or vendors to send or store consumer information or PII outside of the United States or its territories to any third parties. California Code 1786.16.(a)(2)(B)(vi). 3. Approved Storage Devices: Active Screening reserves the right to restrict access to PII in the workplace. In the course of doing business, PII may only be downloaded to approved external storage devices to facilitate company business. To protect PII, the company requires that any such devices are pre-approved by the IT department to ensure compliance with this policy. Only devices with approved encryption and security protection software will be permitted. The IT department is responsible for maintaining data encryption and data protection standards to safeguard PII that resides on these devices. 4. Off-Site Access to PII: Active Screening understands that employees may need to access PII while off site or on business travel, and access to such data shall not be prohibited, subject to the provision that the data to be accessed is minimized to the degree possible to meet business needs and that such data shall reside only on assigned laptops/approved storage devices that have been secured in advance by the IT department. Regulatory Requirements It is the policy of the company to comply with any international, federal or state statute and reporting regulations. Active Screening has delegated the responsibility for maintaining PII security provisions to the departments noted in this policy. Active Screening’s Compliance department shall be the sole entity named to oversee all regulatory reporting compliance issues. If any provision of this policy conflicts with a statutory requirement of international, federal or state law governing PII, the policy provision(s) that conflict shall be superseded.  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act,  The Privacy Act of 1974, Fair Credit Reporting Act Employee Hotline: If an employee has reason to believe that PII data covered by this policy has been breached or that company representative(s) are not adhering to the provisions of this policy, the employee should call or contact a Human Resources representative at the employee’s location. Confidentiality: All company employees must maintain the confidentiality of PII as well as proprietary company information to which they may have access and understand that such information is to be restricted to only those with a business need to know. Employees with ongoing access to such information will sign acknowledgement reminders annually attesting to their understanding of this requirement. Violations of PII Policies and Procedures: Active Screening views the protection of PII data to be of the utmost importance. Infractions of this policy or its procedures will result in disciplinary actions under the company’s discipline policy and may include suspension or termination in the case of severe or repeat violations. PII violations and disciplinary actions are incorporated in the company’s PII new hire and refresher training to reinforce the company’s continuing commitment to ensuring that this data is protected by the highest standards.
Active ScreeningBarbara S.
Healthcare Industry

"Here at Holland Hospital, we have been extremely pleased with Active Screening. The report results come back quickly, usually within 24 hours or less.  The staff at Active Screening is easy accessible, knowledgeable and responds to our questions promptly."

Active ScreeningLynn C. Staffing Industry

"Benton Mobley has been and remains my Main point of contact at Active Screening from the beginning; so aside from the comfort of dealing with the same person all these years, there is the most important fact of all;  customer satisfaction. Benton knows the business like the back of his hand; and that is what we need in our fast paced industry of staffing. He is the all-time BEST!  MY employer, Leslie, believes in the notion that great service deserves to be rewarded, so we are here for the duration.We get immediate and personalized attention for any and all concerns we need addressed, and in the staffing industry, this is vital."

Active ScreeningCayce R. Education Industry

"My experience working with Active Screening for our background check process has been very positive.  The reports are almost always completed in a very timely fashion. The information reported appears to be very thorough and accurate.  On the rare occasions that we have questions or problems, the customer service team is always very quick to respond and resolve the issue.  Overall, I am very pleased with the service I receive from Active Screening."

Active ScreeningCraig H. Staffing Industry

"Your customer service is excellent.  The turn around time on background checks is quite fast.  Excellent work.  I haven't had a single problem."

Active ScreeningJackie C. Education Industry

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so patient and working so diligently with the Human Resources staff during our recent endeavor to process all of our work study students through background screenings.  We have never had to process so many requests within such a short period of time before, but thanks to you and your staff we made it. Again thank you, we made a good choice in selecting Active Screening."

Active ScreeningLindsey W.  Financial Industry

"I wanted to share my appreciation for your wonderful service...switching background screening companies could have been a stressful task, but your company made the transition seamless. Your website was extremely easy to navigate and the turn around time has been great. I appreciate when information is missing or entered incorrectly during ordering, your company notifies me right away to ensure that my error does not hold the reports results, causing us a delay in hiring an individual...Active Screening has been great to us and I would definitely refer them to others."

Active ScreeningTerry S. Property Management

"Working with Active Screening over the last year and half has been a wonderful experience. They deliver fast and informative results at the best price. Their level of professionalism and the speed they respond to our issues is a benefit that any company can value from. I would highly recommend using Active Screening and their amazing team."

Active ScreeningYulesis D.  Staffing Industry

“Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) has more than 2,000 employees at multiple locations across the United States. IRT has been using Active Screening to conduct criminal background checks since 2006. During this time, Active Screening has consistently returned accurate reports, usually with less than 48 hours turnaround. If there are any problems or inconsistencies with the reports, their staff has called to notify us so that we can attempt to rectify the situation. The staff at Active Screening is always courteous and congenial over the phone. In our opinion, Active Screening is outstanding.”

Active ScreeningAndy N. Software Provider

 "Active Screening has helped us screen our applicants in record time for more than two years.... we are very impressed with the professionalism and speed with which their service team responds to our questions. They understand our needs and are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them."

Active ScreeningCassie J. Staffing Industry

"The Active Screening team is very informative; they provided a complete consultation on all the services, so I understood what I needed, and saved me hours and hours of my time learning the various services. Their reputation, as being on the cutting edge of employment screening best practices, certainly held true in this instance. The expertise they brought to the table was invaluable to our understanding of our applicants backgrounds. I highly recommend Active Screening to anyone with the task of screening large numbers of applicants and needing reliable customer support."

Active Screening

With over 20 years of law enforcement experience I can attest to the fact that the strongest predictor of future criminal behavior is a person’s criminal history. As the manager of campus safety at my church, I depend on Active Screening to provide a thorough assessment of every criminal history background check we request. For more than 3 years, Active Screening has been faithful to this task with timely, accurate and reliable service.

Active Screening

We have benefited from knowing that we are not exposing the communities we work with or ourselves to unnecessary risk. We continue to have a perfect record in that we have never had a serious incident with a trip participant causing harm or acting inappropriately with any community member or fellow team member- thank goodness!

Active Screening

I would highly recommend any association or organization who conducts background checks to use Active Screening. In addition to my involvement with WAHA, I am an officer in a corporation with over 500 employees who provide treatment, mental health, and correctional services for children and adolescents. Our company is mandated by law to do comprehensive background searches and I can say with the utmost sincerity that Active Screening product rivals that of any government or other private sector process.

Active Screening

We have used Active Screening and their solution VERITY to screen all our coaches and volunteers working with youth. The online system gives us an easy and cost-effective solution to collecting forms and payments from our applicants...and we simply login to view the results of who passed or failed. It's so easy....thank you Active Screening.